A little known statutory change now allows for certain fraternal societies to obtain tax exempt status in Pennsylvania.

In Hospital Utilization Project v. Commonwealth, 487 A.2d 1306 (Pa. 1985) (“HUP”), the Pennsylvania Supreme Court set forth the following five-pronged test to determine whether an entity qualifies as “purely public charity” under the

In Mixell v. Cumberland County Board of Assessment Appeals, 313 A.3d 330 (Pa. Commw. Ct. 2024), the Commonwealth Court held that the Board of Assessment Appeals (“Board”) had failed to show proof of mailing sufficient to establish that a property owner had received hearing notices in her property tax appeal.

The property owner had

In HUF Restaurant, Inc. v. Commonwealth, Docket No. 394 F.R. 2018 (04/19/2024), a three-judge panel of the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania ruled that HUF Restaurant, Inc. (“HUF”), which had purchased restaurant assets and a liquor license from Zola New World Bistro, Ltd. (“Zola”) in a bulk sale transaction, was liable for unpaid sales and use