Wayne County is currently going through a countywide reassessment whereby the county is going to reassess ever property within its border.  The last time Wayne County performed a countywide reassessment was in 2004.  Wayne County started the countywide reassessment process back in January 2021 and has since held public meetings, mailed out data mailers to property owners and analyzed the data. Now one year later, the County is gearing up to mail out tentative new assessed values to all property owners in March. Property owners and lessees who pay the real estate taxes will have the opportunity to request an informal review of the tentative values in April and May.  After the informal appeal process, Wayne County will mail 2023 Assessment Notices to all property owners containing the final assessed values before July 1, 2022.  Property owners and lessees who pay the real estate taxes will then have 40-days from the mailing date of the 2023 Assessment Notice to file formal appeals with the Wayne County Board of Assessment Appeals (“Board”) if they don’t agree with the new assessed value.  All formal appeals shall be heard and acted upon by the Board not later than October 31, 2022.  The new assessed values will be effective January 1, 2023 for county and municipal real estate taxes and July 1, 2023 for school district real estate taxes.

Commercial property owners or lessees of commercial property in Wayne County should contact our office to speak with our experienced assessment law attorneys, Paul Morcom (717-237-5364), Adam Koelsch (717-237-5305), or Ryan Gonder (717-237-5340) if they have any questions pertaining to the countywide assessment appeal process or how to determine if the new assessed value is correct.  Our assessment law attorneys have successfully appealed countywide reassessments in Adams County, Allegheny County, Bedford County, Blair County, Cumberland County, Delaware County, Lancaster County, Lehigh County,  Luzerne County, Monroe County, Philadelphia County and Washington County.